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In the year 1982 HiFonics was founded as one of the most successful and impressive brands of the Car Audio Indus­try. HiFonics is proud of many Milestones which were set in the 40 year lasting company success story, starting with the legendary Series VII, the famous Generation XI or the giant XX-MAXXIMUS subwoofer amplifier with 10.000 Watts of power, leading to the current models - all ampli­fier series though are united by the same characteristics: power, quality and performance. HiFonics became the sy­nonym for amazing car audio amplifier power.


But not only the amplifier segment thrills the car hifi enthusiasts, because now HiFonics is also known for powerful subwoofer systems, first-class speakers or advanced amplifiers and processors with DSP technology. In the meantime, compact and more decent components have found their place in the HiFonics program and convince with technology, power and performance.