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The HiFonics engineers have done a great deal of work on the ATLAS ARX and, compared to the previous series, they have completely redesigned everything technically and enhanced it with many useful equipment features. The already magnificent equipped premium amplifiers have now an auto turn-on feature, high level inputs and start/stop compatibility and were made fit for the future. The outfit is pure HiFonics design: Heavyweight heatsinks with powerful side fins, including lateral illumination, illuminated terminals, illuminated HF logo, switchable from blue to white and solid end cast pieces with mounting holes.


In premium car audio installations many connoisseurs love the great sound performance and refinement of analog amplifiers for driving high quality full range speakers. However, for powerful bass response, essentially Class D amplifiers are the choice, as they are well known for high power and stability. To serve this idea, HiFonics introduces with the ATLAS ARX Series a new amp-class, combining the best of both worlds in a single heat sink. The new hybrid amplifiers integrate a performance-driven analog Class A/B amp for the stereo channels, while the sub channel features a high efficient, digital 1 Ohm stable Class D Monoblock.

• Class A/B & D Hybrid Verstärker

• Bass Level Remote Controller

• Screw-Type RCA Jacks

• Molded Terminals & Maxi-Fuses

• Illuminated Logo Badge (blue or white)

• Laterally Blue Illuminated Heatsink Fins

• Blue Terminal Illumination

• Auto Turn-On via High Level Inputs

• Start/Stopp ready

• Heavy Die-Cast Frames

• Low-Noise Input OP-Amps (9V/µS Slew-Rate)

• Double-Sided PC-Board

ARX5005 EUR 399,00

Class A/B & D Hybrid 5-Channel Amplifier

Class A/B: 4 x 75/125 W/RMS @ 4/2 Ω +

Class D: 1 x 250/450/650 W/RMS @ 4/2/1 Ω

Channel 1/2: HP 50 - 4000 Hz, 2/4/5 CH Input Selector

Channel 3/4: HP/BP 50 - 250 Hz, LP 150 - 4000 Hz

Channel 5: LP 50 - 150 Hz, Subsonic 15 - 55 Hz, Bass Boost 0 - 18db

High Level Inputs (3 x HF-HLA required)

Auto Turn-On

Dimensions: 255 x 62 x 420/460 mm

 * Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved