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Low installation depths of speakers are becoming more and more important for many applications, but often shallow speakers sound rather thin due to the limited stroke in the bass range and represent a musical compromise. With the newly developed BRUTUS BRX Series, HiFonics has brilliantly managed to change this. Even the 2-way system BRX6.2C with 16.5 cm nominal size fits with a mounting depth of just 42 mm not only in almost every opening, it impresses in particular by a very good bass performance. This is primarily possible due to the completely new developed carbon fiber cone, which is extremely stable, yet very light - a must, especially with flat speakers. With a separate in-line crossover, the 20 mm Silkdome Neodymium Tweeters are relieved of the low frequencies. Thanks to the compact design of the crossovers, installation is also easy.

BRX5.2C EUR 119,00*

13 cm (5.25") Component System

90 W/RMS, 180 W/MAX, 4 Ω

Frequency Range 68 - 22000 Hz

20 mm Silkdome Neodymium Tweeters

Separate In-Line Crossover for Bass and Tweeter

Woofer: Ø 117 mm, ‡ 36 mm

Tweeter: Ø 41 mm, ‡ 15 mm


Owner's Manual

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