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If you are looking for a subwoofer, which sound very good but equally can start an earthquake, you might found the perfect solution with the CX COLOSSUS. Who ever "felt" a subwoofer of this class before, knows how much fun real deep bass can make. It's like cubic capacity or torque in a car, you can't have too much of it. The brute force of the COLOSSUS subwoofer is mastered by triple magnets, double-centerings and aluminum cones. Thanks to aluminum basket, sewn surrounds and the use of robust special glue everything is rock solid stable. Really great are the huge 4 "(100 mm) dual 2 ohm voice coils, wounded with a special wire made of aluminum and copper, which tolerate heat up to 220 ° C. So loads up to 4500 watts RMS and even more than 9000 Watt max. output power are possible. The best for last: The 30 cm heavyweight creates in 75 liters enclosures approximately 151 dB SPL inside the vehicle, the 38 cm models comes to 154 dB at 100 liters!

• Triple Magnet 3 x 285 Ounces (3 x 8,08 kg)

• 100 mm Dual Voice Coil with X-Max. +/-25 mm

• Double Stitched Surround

• Dual Nomex Spider with Double Centering

• Non-Pressed Paper Cone

• Sewn-in Strands

• Reinforced Aluminum Dustcap

• Aluminum Die-Cast Basket

• Chromed Pole Plate

• Sound Quality and SPL

CX15D2 EUR 699,00

38 cm (15") Subwoofer

4500 W/RMS, 9000 W/MAX, 2 + 2 Ω

Fs 34 Hz • Qts 0,39 • VAS 59 L • 89 dB

Ø 358 mm, ‡ 260 mm

 * Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved