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Please note the following steps:


  • This update is ONLY compatible with the V2 VERSION of the sound system.
  • Format a USB stick in the FAT32 file format
  • Download the update file and copy it to the USB stick.
    CAUTION: Only the update file must be on the USB stick!
  • Now insert the USB stick into the USB port on the switched off device.
  • Then set the MUSIC VOL control on the device to the 9-12 o'clock position.
    This is necessary to hear the signal tones of the update.
  • Switch on the device with the power cable connected and in 230V operating mode.
  • The following message appears on the display:
  • After about 10 seconds this message will appear in the display:
  • The update will now be installed and within the next 3 - 20 seconds you will hear
    6 consecutive signal tones confirming the successful update.
  • Switch the device off again and remove the USB stick.
  • CAUTION: The USB stick must NOT be removed before the 6 consecutive signal tones
    can be heard. If this has not happened after 30 seconds, switch off the device and
    check the contents of the USB stick. If necessary, perform the update again.