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Suitable for all car radios - ideal for upgrading original factory sound systems: 4-Channel High-Low signal converter (front & rear), easy plug & play installation, built up with the latest SMT technology for maximum reliability, generates a turn-on-signal (remote) for amplifiers, Level controller for front & rear with clipping LED, Protection circuit against voltage returns, no interferences and switching noises are audible thanks to the full balanced input circuit with optimized signal paths, very low quiescent current, incl. velvet bag as installation protection.

HCV4 EUR 59,00*

4-Channel Converter High Level to Low Level

Operating voltage 10 - 16V

Signal to Noise Ratio > 95 dB

Slew Rate 9V/µS

Channel Separation 80dB

Transmission frequency 5 Hz - 60 KHz (+/-1 dB)

Idle current < 10 mA @ 14,4 V

RCA ouputs (unbalanced) 2,36 Vrms

Auto Turn-On

Dimensions 62 x 70 x 21mm


Owner's Manual

 * Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved