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Control the bass level comfortably from the driver's seat? Not all amplifiers offer this luxury. With the HF-RC1, HiFonics is now offering an universal retrofit solution that is basically suitable for all amplifiers with RCA inputs.


The input RCA cable is extra long at 1.2 meters so that it can be connected directly behind the car radio without an additional cable. Depending on where the amplifier is installed, the output side can be connected directly to the amplifier input or extended using the included RCA coupling and an optional RCA cable.


There are several options for installing the controller. Probably the cleanest and most beautiful solution: If you drill a small hole in a suitable place in the vehicle, where there is space behind it and nothing is damaged, you can push the axis of the level regulator through the opening. Tighten the lock nut and attach the remote button, done. Now only the little button is visible. A mounting bracket is also included if this option is not an option.

HF-RC1 EUR 19,90*

Universal Bass Level Remote

1,2 m RCA Line In Jacks (directly into the car radio)

1,2 m RCA Line Out for Amplifier Jacks

RCA socket/socket adapter included

 * Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved