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The signal converters from HiFonics impress with their absolutely brilliant sound properties. The result is no coincidence, so the developers attached great importance to excellent technical data right from the conception phase. And they can really be seen and heard: sensationally high signal-to-noise ratios of 115-121 dB with very low distortion factors of 0.001% at the same time. They are designed for the connection to conventional car radios that deliver up to 50 watts RMS per channel into 2 ohms.


As a further special feature, the multi-channel converters have a summing function on board. This circuit is a "must have" for many new vehicles if the music signal cannot be tapped "in one go", but the frequency ranges for the factory-installed speakers have been electrically separated. A conventional converter would be completely useless here. With the HF-SC converters the split output signals from the factory system can simply be merged again by activating the "MIXED" function. The sophisticated electronics then generate a full-range signal at the outputs, with which external DSPs or amplifiers can be optimally supplied.


Thanks to EPS, the converters can also be easily connected to factory radios that have a so-called load detection circuit. Another feature for interference suppression can be activated via the "Floating Ground" jumpers.

HF-SC4 EUR 69,00*

4-Channel "High To Low Level" Converter with summing function

• Auto Turn On • Remote Out • Start Stop ready

• Error Protection System • THD+N 0,00*1%

• RCA Outputs (unbalanced) with 5V Out

• High Input up to 10V RMS = 25 / 50 W RMS @ 4 / 2 Ohms

• SNR >115 dB • Transmission frequency 5-60kHz

• „Floating Ground“ jumper

 * Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved