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The MERCURY MR bandpass systems belong to a new generation of subboxes, which especially were designed with special importance to compact overall dimensions but still performing clean and deep bass thrust and high efficiency. Since the appearance should not be neglected, the woofer baskets got a chrome surface, which provides in the choice of blue or white color beautiful lighting effects in the interior chamber. The high power bandpass boxes are equipped with long-throw woofers, which were built for power up to 800 watts RMS. Brand new in the group is the dual bandpass system MR8DUAL. The enclosure is equipped with the FlexPort feature, which allows by a detachable cover the reflex port either opened at the front or on the back.

MR10DUAL EUR 429,00

2 x 25 cm (10") Dual Bandpass System

800 W/RMS, 1600 W/MAX, 4 + 4 Ω

LED Illumination (blue/white)

Dimensions: 82 x 33 x 43/35 cm

 * Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved