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The ideal use of the two Mercury subwoofers MRW104 and MRW84 can be found in bass reflex or bandpass operation. Because the woofers need relatively small volumes, the use of several subwoofers is advisable. For example, an MRW84 in a 20 liter bass reflex housing already creates an extremely low lower limit frequency (-3 dB) of 32 Hz! With a slight loss of deep bass, but with more dynamics and a dry bass, the subs are also highly recommended for use in small, closed enclosures.


The quality of the Mercury subwoofers is extraordinary: With the chromed steel baskets in HiFonics design, they not only set visual accents, the selection of the components used is also impressive: scooped paper cones, durable rubber surrounds and robust spiders are the ingredients. Even the small MRW84 with a diameter of 20 cm can, like its big brother MRW104, come up with a very large 50 mm voice coil. Both woofers are visually convincing with a chrome-plated basket and magnet boat, so that they also come into their own in inverted installations such as in the Mercury boxes with a view of the basket.

MRW84 EUR 79,00

20 cm (8") Subwoofer

300 W/RMS, 600 W/MAX, 4 Ω

Fs 42,6 Hz, Qts 0,49, VAS 13,1 L, 85 dB

Chrome steel basket

30 oz. magnet

Magnet boot

X-Max +/- 13 mm

50 mm (2“) voice coil

Ø 182 mm, ‡ 105 mm


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