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The fact that HiFonics can not only build big amplifiers, but also small mini power plants has not only been known since the Triton or Mercury models. HiFonics is now continuing the proven tradition with the brand new PLUTO series. Fortunately, the amplifiers are a fair bit smaller. On top of that, they are well designed and packed with modern features. The downsizing was made possible thanks to modern Class D technology, which is particularly evident in the exceptionally high efficiency of up to 90%. Interestingly, as power density improves as a result of advances in semiconductors, audio performance also increases. The new PLUTO amplifiers are not only particularly small, they also sound outstanding. Just as important as performance or compact installation size is the question of whether the new amplifiers can be integrated into modern vehicles, especially if "fault diagnosis systems" are on board. Such systems diagnose when something changes from the original factory configuration. For this reason, the advanced EPS and the automatic turnh-on function have been integrated into the high level inputs of the PLUTO series in order to ensure functionality, especially in modern vehicles. Additional adapters can thus be omitted. Traditionally, Hifonics not only attaches great importance to inner values, the workmanship must also be carried out perfect. The PLUTO series is also presented in a very high quality way. With the elaborately milled out model names and the flush-mounted diamond-cut logos, the tiny Plutos can be identified as genuine HiFonics amplifiers.

• Very compact foot print

• Hairline-brushed Heat Sink with flush mount Diamond-Cut Logo

• High efficiency and powerful performance

• Auto Turn-On

• High Level Inputs with Error Protection System


Class D Digital 2-Channel Micro Amplifier

2 x 100/160 Watts RMS @ 4/2 Ω

1 x 320 W/RMS @ 4 Ω bridged

Highpass Filter 15 - 500 Hz

Lowpass Filter 50 - 5000 Hz

Bandpass Function

RCA Inputs & Outputs (Wire Harness)

High Level Inputs with EPS

Auto Turn On Function

Dimensions: 115 x 35 x 127 mm

 * Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved