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With the THOR TRX Series HiFonics perfectly combines classic amplifiers virtues with the breakthrough DSP technology. Styled in the same outfit as the new premium class of the Zeus, Brutus- and Atas series models offer the usual HiFonics sovereign amplification power with integrated DSP processor, which can be optimally adjusted by the included M-CONTROL software.


The enclosed M-CONTROL 2 software provides a variety of options to customize your sound system to the vehicle‘s acoustic. A clear and logically structured user interface allows intuitive handling and sound tuning in real time while the DSP device is connected via USB to the software. All 8 channels can be configured individually or as 4 linked channel pairs. Besides the up to 48db adjustable crossover filters, high pass, low pass and band pass also parameters such as phase shift and time delay per channel can be set easily. The 6 channels (A-F) feature each a 31-band equalizer and for the subwoofer channels (G+H) an 11-band version is available. Up to 10 different configurations can be stored.

• 8-Channel DSP Processor 32bit / 192 kHz

• Remote controller with LCD display

• Screw-Type RCA Jacks

• Illuminated Logo Badge (blue or white)

• Laterally Blue Illuminated Heatsink Fins

• Blue Terminal Illumination

• Heavy Die-Cast Frames

• Low-Noise Input OP-Amps (9V/µS Slew-Rate)

• Double-Sided PC-Board

• M-CONTROL 2 DSP Software for Windows™

TRX6006DSP EUR 499,00

Class A/B Analog 6-Channel Amplifier
with 8-Channel DSP Processor, 32bit / 192 kHz

6 x 100/150 W/RMS @ 4/2 Ω

3 x 300 W/RMS @ 4  Ω bridged

6 RCA Inputs, 2 RCA AUX Inputs

2 RCA Line Outputs, USB Input

Optical Input (stereo PCM 2.0)

Dimensions: 255 x 62 x 395/435 mm


DSP Software M-CONTROL 2

10 Settings storable on the device

Gain –40~+12dB

6 x 31-Band EQ 20~20.000 Hz

2 x 11-Band EQ 20~200 Hz

6~48 db/Oct. Crossovers HP/BP/LP

Time Delay 0~15 ms/0~510 cm

Phase Shift 0°/180°


Remote Controller with LED-Display

Master Volume, Subwoofer Volume, 

Input Mode, Setting Selection

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