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The flat, rounded-back housing shape of the new VULCAN VRX82A active system enables it to be installed in the spare wheel well or in an upright position by mounting the supplied rubber feet at the bottom of the housing. The highlight of the new VULCAN system is the quasi-resonating passive radiator, which, in addition to the actively driven woofer, ensures the additional air displacement that is important for low frequencies. The VRX82A has an advantage here, because conventional bass reflex housings tend to generate flow noises at the reflex port, which also takes away valuable internal volume. Not so with the systems with passive radiators, which act like a bass reflex channel - just without annoying background noises. An integrated class D amp that works with over 80% efficiency provides a high 200 watts RMS and provides the subwoofer with efficient digital power.

VRX82A EUR 269,00*

20 cm (8") Active Subwoofer with Passive Radiator

200 W/RMS, 400 W/MAX

LP 50 - 150 Hz

Phase Shift 0°/180° @ 12/18dB

Bass Boost 0 - 12 dB @ 45 Hz

Auto Turn-On

High Level Inputs

RCA Inputs

Remote Controller for Bass Level

Incl. 4 mounting feet

Dimensions: 29 x 14 x 52 cm

 * Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved