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The GENERATION X4 series represents the most powerful range of mighty amplifiers in the HiFonics family ever built to this day. In the tradition of the forerunner models the X4 line-up features powerful, superb sounding analog amplifiers as well as a broad range of high efficient, digital Class D models. Heavy heatsinks in aluminum hairline brush finish and die-cast endpanels show impressively the solid design in detail. The well-featured X4 power plants are recommended for use in remarkable high-end applications with exalted demands.

• Bass Level Remote Controller

• Screw-Type RCA Jacks

• Molded Terminals & Maxi-Fuses

• Bipolar Output Transistors

• XXL transformers

• Illuminated Logo Badge (blue or white)

• Heavy Die-Cast Frames

• Low-Noise Input OP-Amps (9V/µS Slew-Rate)

• Aluminum Controller Knobs

• Balanced Line Inputs

• Remote Outputs

X4-ZEUS EUR 499,00

Class A/B Analog 2-Channel Amplifier

2 x 350/600/750 W/RMS @ 4/2/1 Ω

1 x 1200/1500 W/RMS @ 4/2 Ω bridged

HP 10 - 4000 Hz

LP 40 - 4000 Hz

Subsonic 10 - 150 Hz

Bass Boost 0 - 18 dB

12/24dB Crossover Switch

Bandpass Mode

Vice Versa Output Signal Switch

Summed RCA/Cinch Outputs

Dimensions: 266 x 64 x 510/540 mm

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