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While HiFonics Aluminum Butyl mats are primarily suitable, due to their high mass and internal density, to calm vibrating or slightly resonating sheet metal parts behind door panels or in other places in the vehicle, the attachment of acoustic foams is additionally recommended in order to to further increase the sound through improved sound absorption in the interior.


With the ZEUS ZSQ7 and ZSQ15, HiFonics offers two foams of different thicknesses that optimize the interior acoustics in vehicles. The material can be compressed to 1 or 2 mm and is therefore very easy to process. Depending on the application, it dampens sheet metal or can keep surfaces and parts that tend to vibrate, such as shock absorbers, under tension. For example, another layer of foam can be glued to the Aluminum Butyl recommended for door panels between the door panel and the panel in order to improve the acoustics. Tailgates or parcel shelves are often ex works without any further cladding and tend to reflect sound. The 15 mm thick, studded ZSQ15 is particularly suitable for gluing on. Both ZSQ foams are self-adhesive, which makes them well suited for immobilizing loosely laid cables.



ZEUS ZSQ7 EUR 59,00*

Self-adhesive acoustic foam

7.0 mm thick, flat

Sound absorbing

Compressible up to 1 mm

8 sheets of 500 x 370 mm (1.48 sqm)

ZEUS ZSQ15 EUR 89,00*

Self-adhesive acoustic nub foam

15.0 mm thick, nubbed

Sound absorbing

Compressible up to 2 mm

8 sheets of 500 x 370 mm (1.48 sqm)

 * Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved