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Who does not know that: The speakers are installed after a long work, the first listening check is pending, but something is wrong: At first there is no trace of musical enjoyment. Annoying background noises that do not belong to the music overlay the sound experience. Everything rattles and vibrates! In this case, only one thing helps - proper door insulation! HiFonics offers the right materials for this: ZEUS Aluminum Butyl Sound Damping Mats.


Small door loudspeakers or small underseat subwoofers do not stimulate the passenger cell or sheet metal to vibrate as much as comparatively full-blown 15 "subwoofers. New luxury vehicles may already have better insulation ex works than comparatively simpler or older vehicles. Since the purpose of use can be very different, HiFonics has different quality levels available depending on the strength of the system or requirements: With the HiFonics ZEUS 120dB Aluminum Butyl Sound Damping Mats, very good results can be achieved for most vehicles. If stronger audio components are used or if a higher level of insulation is to be achieved in principle, the even more attenuating Aluminum Butyl ZEUS 140dB is recommended. HiFonics recommends the ZEUS 160dB, which has the highest attenuation properties, for all those who want to let it "crack" in the vehicle or simply want to be on the safe side. It deadened sheet metal almost perfectly because it has an even better internal density and at the same time an even higher mechanical loss factor. Each pack contains 8 bendable and cut panels with a total area of ​​1.48 square meters, which are sufficient for two doors.



ZEUS 120dB EUR 35,00*

Aluminum butyl, self-adhesive

1.8 mm thick

Recommendation up to 120 dB

8 mats of 500 x 370 mm (1.48 sqm)

ZEUS 140dB EUR 45,00*

Aluminum butyl, self-adhesive

2.0 mm thick

Recommendation up to 140 dB

8 mats of 500 x 370 mm (1.48 sqm)

ZEUS 160dB EUR 55,00*

Aluminum butyl, self-adhesive

2.0 mm thickness

Recommendation up to 160 dB

8 mats of 500 x 370 mm (1.48 sqm)

 * Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved