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Thanks to the newly developed AIR-COMPOUND housing, the new active under-seat subwoofer ZEUS ZRX200A plays a good half an octave lower than comparable large subwoofers and thus deserves promotion to the ZEUS class.


The highlight of the new ZRX system is hidden inside the die-cast housing. A combination of two additional chambers manipulates the air and thus the physics so skillfully that the result is that the bass is "faked" into a larger speaker cabinet. The effect is astounding: The virtually increased speaker volume with this trick gives the ZRX200A a significantly lower tuning frequency. Deeper and cleaner basses are no problem for the compact ZEUS Sub.


With a whopping 150 watts RMS, it drives the specially developed flat subwoofer with aluminum membrane and 36 mm large voice coil with ease. With its massive die-cast aluminum housing, the ZRX200A conveys a lot of robustness and solidity when unpacking and is also very nicely styled.

ZRX200A EUR 199,00

20 cm (8") Active Single Bassreflex System

with Air Compound

150 W/RMS, 600 W/MAX

LP 40 - 150 Hz

Subsonic 20 Hz fixed

Phase Shift 0°/180°

Bass Boost 0 - 18 dB

Auto Turn-On via High Level Inputs

RCA Inputs

Bass Level Remote Controller

Dimensions: 245 x 83 x 345 mm


Owner's Manual

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