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Based on the high-quality ZX loudspeakers, HiFonics is now presenting the ZEUS ZS models with steel baskets as an attractively priced supplementary series. These also feature the elaborately constructed Honeycomb Sandwich cone made of a special fiberglass-paper compound mix, which delivers the optimum sound results. All speakers are equipped with magnetic protectors and are supplied in pairs with a grille set and are available as 1-way (ZSW) or coaxial speakers (ZS) in 10, 13 and 16.5 cm sizes. Often, coaxial speakers are simply constructed in the tweeter section, not the ZEUS ZS speakers: they already have a very fine-sounding 20 mm Silkdome Neodymium Tweeter. Together with the individual components of the ZX series, HiFonics thus offers a universal modular system from which you can easily assemble your desired system yourself.

ZS42 EUR 79,00

10 cm (4") Coaxial Speakers

60 W/RMS, 120 W/MAX, 4 Ω

Frequency Range 69 - 22000 Hz

20 mm Silkdome Neodymium Tweeters

Ø 96 mm, ‡ 52 mm


Owner's Manual

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