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The ZEUS 2-way 16.5 cm component system ZX6.2C was voted as test winner in the top class in the Car & Hifi 1/2019 magazine. The honeycomb composite cones and the neodymium silkdome tweeters, which are now also used in the ZEUS ZS systems, make up a large part of the very good sound reproduction. The three offshoots of the test winner ZX6.2C are now available in the basket sizes 16.5, 13 and 10 cm. In addition to the high-quality sandwich cone from the ZX series, the same heavy-duty voice coils are used, which are particularly generous at the 16.5 cm top model ZS6.2E with 30 mm. All ZEUS ZS component speakers are equipped with removable magnetic boots and are supplied in pairs with a  grille set.


Another highlight of the ZS systems is the 25 mm ZX6.2T silkdome tweeter with coupling volume. However, the tweeter, which is also known from the test winner set ZX6.2C, does not have to be connected as usual via an elaborate and large crossover network - the deep natural resonance of the construction in conjunction with the Honeycomb speakers allows the use of an easy-to-install 12 dB in-line cable crossover. The result is a great sound that amazes even demanding music lovers.

ZS6.2E EUR 179,00

16,5 cm (6.5") Component System

100 W/RMS, 200 W/MAX, 4 Ω

Frequency Range 55 - 24000 Hz

25 mm Silkdome Neodymium Tweeter with Coupled Volume

12 dB In-Line Crossover with Level Adjustment

Woofer: Ø 144 mm, ‡ 64 mm

Tweeter: Ø 44 mm, ‡ 22 mm


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