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The ZEUS series have stood for power and excellent sound in the HiFonics program for many years. For the first time, in addition to component systems and coaxes, individual components such as high-quality cast aluminum midwoofers and basses are now available, making 3-way combinations possible. The woofer in the compo set (sold separately as the ZX6.2W) comes with an aluminum cast basket and an aluminum phase plug. The sandwich cone is made of a 3-fiberglass composite material which is particularly lightweight yet very stable. The frequency range is extremely linear and requires only little crossover adjustment. The powerful magnetic motor with 14 ounces of weight, drives a voice coil of very large dimensions of 30.5 mm and provides a lot of power. Overall, a mechanical stroke of up to +/- 11 mm becomes possible. The separately available 25 mm Silkdome Neodymium Tweeters ZX6.2T with coupled volume (resonance frequency 700 Hz) covers a particularly large frequency range up to well over 24 kHz very linear.

ZXO2 EUR 79,00

12 dB Crossovers (Pair)

2/3 Way (switchable)

125 W/RMS, 250 W/MAX, 4 Ω

Cut-Off Frequency 3300 Hz

Tweeter Level Switch with +3dB / 0dB / -3dB

Prepared for 3-Way Operation


Owner's Manual

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