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The ZXS subwoofers from HiFonics perform excellently in very small, sealed enclosures as well as in slightly larger vented systems. Non-pressed paper cones with double-stitched surrounds are used, which have also been impregnated with a special coating. Optimized in this way, they can withstand the high pressure in small enclosures. The ZEUS woofers also impress visually: Large double magnets with pole core holes and ventilation ducts signal pure power. On top of that, powerful 2 + 2 ohm dual voice coils are used.

• Dual Magnet with 2 x 49 Ounces (2 x 1,38 kg)

• 64 mm Dual Voice Coil with X-Max. +/- 24 mm

• Double Stitched Surround

• Non-Pressed Paper Cone with Coating

• Blue Magnet Rubber Boot

ZXS12D2 EUR 169,00

30 cm (12") Subwoofer

500 W/RMS, 1000 W/MAX, 2 + 2 Ω

Fs 28,5 Hz • Qts 0,48 • VAS 58,4 L • 86 dB

Ø 284 mm, ‡ 166 mm

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