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Classic ZEUS amplifiers were previously analog and had a powerful appearance. The big ZEUS amps are still worshiped by car hifi fans worldwide, but the disadvantage of such bolides is the large space requirement in the vehicle.


For this reason, the HiFonics engineers decided to rely on advanced digital power when designing the new ZEUS STREET ZXS amplifier in order to achieve ultra-compact heat sink dimensions. First and foremost, this is possible thanks to modern Class D technology, which, due to the enormously high efficiencies that can be achieved, requires 90% less current than analog amplifiers with comparable performance. Another advantage - cable cross-sections for the power supply do not have to be that thick.


But small doesn't mean flimsy: As soon as you unpack it, you realize that you're dealing with genuine ZEUS amps. Despite the small size, the models feel pleasantly heavy in the hand and convey a solid feeling in the usual HiFonics quality. Embossed aluminum logo badges, carefully milled model numbers and sophisticated cast aluminum end caps visually convey a unique symbiosis of power and elegance that emanates from these amps.


Of course, all ZXS models have the latest features such as an automatic switch-on, which is needed for connection to modern vehicle electrics, in addition to adjustable crossovers. The high level inputs are equipped with advanced EPS to suppress error messages in vehicle diagnostic systems. Low-emission HiFonics IFT digital technology ensures undisturbed radio reception.

• Advanced Class D Technology with very high Efficiency

• Selected and audiophile Components

• High Level Inputs with Error Protection System

• Auto Turn-On, Start/Stop Ready

• IFT (Interference Free Technology)

ZXS900/6 EUR 399,00*

Class D Digital 6-Channel Amplifier

6 x 100/150 W/RMS @ 4/2 Ω
3 x 350 W/RMS @ 4 Ω bridged
HPF 50 - 5000 Hz (AMP1)
LPF 50 - 500 Hz (AMP2)

HPF 10 - 500 Hz (AMP3)

LPF/BPF 50 - 5000 Hz (AMP3)
Input Selector 2CH/4CH/6CH
RCA Inputs (via wire Harness)
High Level Inputs with EPS

Auto Turn-On

Dimensions: 112 x 44 x 280 mm


Owner's Manual

 * Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved