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Punch Universal Auxiliary Input Port

Panel mount connection for easy access to USB and Aux inputs.




The Punch PAUX is a universal panel mounted input port that allows you to have easy access to USB and Auxiliary audio connections. The port features a front mounted USB and 3,5 mm audio connection, which is attached to 6 ft. extension cables terminating at a female USB and male stereo RCA. This port is designed to extend these types of connections from the back of a source unit to an easily accessible spot on the dash or console. This helps eliminate unsightly cables from hanging out of the dash or glove compartment and provides a more secure connection for your mobile devices. The unit mounts in a 25,4 mm (1") mounting hole and secures with the included retaining nut while the water resistant cover helps to keep out moisture and dirt when not being used.


  • 182 cm USB extension cable
  • 182 cm/3,5 mm to stereo male RCA Aux cable
  • 25,4 mm (1") mounting hole required
  • Attached water resistant cover

Device Type

Signal Input

Signal Output



USB Charging

Connector Type

USB & AUX Input

3,5 mm stereo jack

2-ch stereo audio via RCA jacks

25,4 mm diameter hole

182 cm cable length

Passive up to 5,1 V DC @ 2,1A

USB Female-Male Extension

3,5 mm stereo jack