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Universal Punch Level Remote Control


An inline audio signal level control featuring a variety of mounting options including panel mount with large and small knob configurations, under dash mounting and rocker switch style mounting. The rocker switch option also includes a 3.5mm to RCA extension port to extend a radios AUX input to your dash. The rocker switch can also be disassembled to allow for a flush panel mount option of the knob assembly.


Flush / Panel Mount (Ø 2,54 mm)

Under Dash / Center Console

Rocker Switch Mount with Ø 3,5 mm Input Option

Small & Large Knob Options



Signal Input

1 RCA Pair (left/right) Female Jacks

Ø 3,5 mm Stereo Jack


Signal Output

1 RCA Pair (left/right) RCA Female Jacks

1 RCA Pair (left/right) Female Jacks for Ø 3.5 mm Input


  • Provides In-line signal level control
  • Allows level adjustment of an audio signal
  • High quality audio potentiometer
  • Provides linear volume control over entire knob range
  • Rocker switch option Ø 3.5 mm to RCA extension port
  • Rocker switch can be disassembled

EUR 59,00

Manufacturer's suggested retail price. Technical changes and mistakes reserved.