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Color Optix™ Light Controller with Optional App Interface

The PMX-RGB Color Optix™ controller provides LED lighting control over M1 & M2 speakers and subwoofers. This allows you to create a true marine ecosystem that works together seamlessly. Pair this with our RF Connect™ smartphone app and give your system infinite control by customizing the color and lighting effects of your speakers. Supports up to 8 speakers or subwoofers. App supports multiple Color Optix™ controllers.


Download RF Connect™ to control the PMX-RGB:






  • Controller illuminates up to 8 Color Optix™ speakers and/or subwoofers
  • RF Connect™ App Compatible
  • Operating Voltage 9VDC – 24VDC
  • Includes stainless steel mounting hardware

IPX7 Water Intrusion Rating

Protected against heavy splashing and rain. Must not fail or show water seepage when exposed, but not when immersed. IPX-7 Waterproof Standard. Protected against short durations of water immersion. Max immersion for less than 30 minutes and at a depth of less than 1 meter.

Max Speaker Capacity

Max Cable Length

Internal Fuse

RF Connect™ Capacity

16 Speakers and/or Subwoofers

Slight dimming may occur end of string

30,48 m, includes Y-Adaptors

2 A

Unlimited number of PMX-RGB