In the year 1982 HiFonics was founded as one of the most successful and impressive brands of the Car Audio Indus­try. HiFonics is proud of many Milestones which were set in the 40 year lasting company success story, starting with the legendary Series VII, the famous Generation XI or the giant XX-MAXXIMUS subwoofer amplifier with 10.000 Watts of power, leading to the current models - all ampli­fier series though are united by the same characteristics: power, quality and performance. HiFonics became the sy­nonym for amazing car audio amplifier power.


But not only the amplifier segment thrills the car hifi enthusiasts, because now HiFonics is also known for powerful subwoofer systems, first-class speakers or advanced amplifiers and processors with DSP technology. In the meantime, compact and more decent components have found their place in the HiFonics program and convince with technology, power and performance. HiFonics offers a balanced portfolio of high-quality audio products that satisfy both beginners and experts.

ESX Car Audio Systems was founded in the mid-1990s by enthusiastic veterans of the US car audio scene with the aim of always creating only the “best of the best”. In collaboration with well-known engineers such as Stephen Mantz, many milestones and classics of the car audio industry have been created over the course of more than 20 years of success - starting with the legendary QUANTUM 1 amplifiers and ending with the technological masterpieces of the VISION 1 amplifiers series.


At the turn of the millennium, the brand was taken over by the German ESX distributor Audio Design worldwide. Henceforth, the well-known and valued “German virtues” influenced the development of the products. Through clever engineering, the use of the latest technologies and a well thought-out standard equipment, paired with timelessly elegant design, ESX has become a serious player in the car audio sector in Europe. Countless awards, test wins and dream grades for device tests in the local trade press underpin this impressively.


While ESX has long been known for first-class amplifiers, the clever minds behind the brand have ensured that it now also has an excellent reputation for its cutting-edge technologies in the field of DSP, subwoofers and speakers. All ESX products are today developed by an international team, designed and tested for series maturity in Kronau / Germany before they are manufactured in selected factories at home and abroad.

Since 2013, ESX has been offering an innovative range of vehicle-specific and universal infotainment naviceivers under the "Car Media Systems" sublabel, along with extensive accessories. The range of retrofit solutions for over 50 common vehicle types has successfully positioned itself on the market in a very short time. ESX has now become an established name in the industry and has also made a name for itself in the area of "Navigation for Camping & RVs". The range of accessories is growing steadily and offers i.a. a wide range of front and rear cameras, adapters and connection options.


Since 2018, ESX has been offering its vehicle-specific and universal naviceivers with the popular Android™ operating system, which makes today's devices fit for the future. In cooperation with the premium provider for navigation software iGO / NNG, the appropriate, updatable map material is available for all ESX devices. The top priority for ESX Car Media Systems is perfect integration into the vehicle - both optically and technically. All Naviceivers are pre-assembled in the ESX service department in Kronau and tested for perfect function before delivery. Each device is also supplied with a certificate of authenticity and a test report.

At MUSWAY, those who are looking for great-sounding products will find what they are looking for. MUSWAY stands for “Music is the Way” and is meant to symbolize that the company founders understand music as part of their lifestyle and culture, which ultimately led to the motto of the company. Uncompromisingly good sound can always be seen as an ideal and it is therefore not surprising that all MUSWAY employees are passionate about music with the goal of producing high-quality products for sophisticated music reproduction. They share this passion for music with many others around the world, which unites all music fans in an almost simple and likeable way.


The young brand inspired the market in the early years with high-quality Hi-Res audio players, which reproduce the music without the usual quality losses - the so called lossless playback. As a consequence of this success, MUSWAY dedicated itself to the development of high-quality digital sound processors (DSP), which quickly became the focus of the product philosophy. As a further consequence, the first Class D power amplifiers with DSP processors were developed in 2015, which were presented to a wider audience internationally in 2018 for the first time.


The MUSWAY portfolio now includes not only DSP amplifiers and processors, the passionate inventors from the MUSWAY sound lab also expanded the product range to include speaker systems, subwoofer enclosures and related accessories. They showed the same dedication and meticulousness that was celebrated in the development of the DSP amplifiers. When designing these brand new products, only the finest components and innovative materials were used, which more than just pays off in balanced and outstanding sound characteristics, as well as power performance and longevity. The loudspeakers and subwoofers are made of high-quality components and not only appeal in terms of price/performance, but in particular their sound persuades across the board. Thanks to the extensive range of powerful and optimally tuned sound transducers, nothing stands in the way of the complete MUSWAY components in your vehicle sound system. Let yourself be inspired by a listening test!

In 1973, Jim Fosgate made a surprising discovery while working in his garage in Arizona, USA. Mr. Fosgate, realizing that music and the human ear have different audio characteristics and came up with a solution: the Frequency Energizer, which later became the patented Punch EQ. The Punch EQ adds a bass boost of up to +18 dB at 45 Hz and a treble boost of 1 kHz to 20 kHz with up to +12 dB at 20 kHz. The result was an essential sound reproduction for human hearing. The sound of THE PUNCH gave the music just the right effect it needed. Jim Fosgate received an Emmy Award in 2003 for his inventiveness in developing surround sound technology.


THE PUNCH sound of that time can still be found in Rockford Fosgate products. All amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, processors and control units are developed and constructed in Tempe, Arizona, USA - equipped with the latest technologies. All over the world, the name Rockford Fosgate® is now synonymous for first-class sound and high quality. Rockford Fosgate has been committed to this claim for over 40 years with a great passion for perfection and innovation - highly valued by the fans of the brand, who like to call themselves "Rockford Fanatics".

Crunch has been one of the top providers of car audio for more than three decades. The products, which are optimized for price / performance and have a modern design, are perfect for both beginners and advanced users. Crunch was founded in the United States in the 1980s and has been inspiring car audio fans in Europe since the early 1990s with solid sound and a handsome look. Customers like the Blackmaxx Amps or the FatBoy subwoofer made history. Like all current Crunch products, they stand for rich and cool music experiences in the car.

Renegade stands for straightforward, unpretentious in-car-sound - and has been for almost 20 years. The perfectly coordinated product range always inspires with fresh and user-friendly components for the "first" audio system in the vehicle. The Renegade amplifiers of the REN and RXA series are among the best-selling models on the market and impress with their solid quality and great value for money. In addition to amplifiers, Renegade offers speaker systems, subboxes and active subboxes along with accessories.

Autotek stands for "American Car Audio" like no other brand and is appreciated by connoisseurs for a successful combination of technology, performance and quality. With over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of high-quality car audio components, Autotek offers reliable products for beginners and advanced users - always without breaking the budget for automotive sound. The range includes amplifiers, speakers, subboxes and active systems as well as accessories.

MB Quart was founded in 1962 and started in Obrigheim / Germany with the production of professional studio microphones and headphones. Through research, innovation and the highest quality standards, MB Quart has expanded its product range in its more than 50-year history and has always stood for first-class sound. In 2005 MB Quart was taken over by Maxxsonics USA and thus also came to Audio Design GmbH. A small, exquisite product range was created specifically for the European market, focusing on vehicle-specific solutions and excellent speaker systems.